At the Racetracks

I cannot pass up the opportunity to talk about Fun at Race Planet. Top drivers are Jason Jones, Brian Wheeler, Bobby House, and Ben House (Yes, brothers). Jonathan Showalter is floating somewhere in between 1st and 6th because of his inconsistent driving skills. I will forever use the excuse that I was robbed of my skills, when my sister's boyfriend (my current brother in law) crashed the only stick shift my family ever owned. Yuhan Chan deserves an honorable mention for pressing forward after driving into a parked house and accelerating into a barrier on accident (God bless his Asian heart). Another honorable mention, whom also shows up in a picture below, is Courtney Edwards, for her superior driving skills. She was probably one of the more experienced drivers on the track, but she was also the Queen of receiving the T-bone, especially when she was caught in one of many piles up that was caused by, yours truly, 90% of the time (I blame cold rubber, and oil on the tires for my spin-outs). All this means is that I'm pretty much far from being a Biffle, Gordon, or Labonte...let alone any other "driver".

Courtney and Me (She's tougher than a lot of the Marines who were complaining of sore necks and what not. Yes, she's taller, but I'm pretty sure a could beat her at an arm-wrestling match)

I've been to a few go-kart tracks in my many years of racing experience, and Race Planet in The Hague is by-far, the most fun. The track is on three levels and can be separated into two different routes or one long route. The bar area is located on the second floor where you can drink until you're arms are numb if you wanted to (:/ Welcome to the Netherlands), or just eat a snack. All in all, it's good safe fun, that everyone can come out of with small bumps and bruises if you're careful.